Monday, November 20, 2017

Open letters for DD Holdings

Diamond Dining Group is a Japanese owner of restaurants and shops. Bach in September it transformed itself into DD Holdings, a holding company. The new visual identity was designed by Kashiwa Sato.

The rebrand was a response to the fact that the company had developed beyond its original restaurant business into other amusement businesses. The Diamond Dining name will apparently remain in use. The double-D mark expresses a "free-spirited and vibrantly innovative corporate culture" with the holes in the letters representing "open innovation".

Previous logo.

From Kashiwa Sato:
Kashiwa Sato designed the logo of DD Holdings, the new name of the holding formerly known as ‘Diamond Dining.’ They transformed its organization to the holding company structure on September 1, 2017. Operating more than 430 restaurants and shops, DD Holding is aggressively expanding its business domains borders such as those between domestic and abroad, food and other amusement industries, and others. The ‘DD’ logo expresses this free-spirited and vibrantly innovative corporate culture. The spaces in both Ds also embody corporate direction for the future to provide new values to society along with its corporate slogan of “open innovation.” Red represents passion and innovation, and blue delivers the image of diversity. These two colors express the intent to give birth to new possibilities with a variety of personalities and points of views.

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