Monday, February 5, 2018

Dotted logos for French public TV

France Télévisions is France's public TV broadcaster, operating the domestic channels France 2 through 5 as well as the overseas services "Outre-Mer 1ère", their "satellite" channel France Ô and other services, including news channel France Info. Last week, on January 29, the channels launched new logos based on a common template. The new visual identity system was designed by Paris-based creative studio Movement, who branded the group news channel France Info back in 2016, with .

The old logo system, created by Gédéon, was introduced in 2002 when France Télévisions consisted of three channels (France 2, 3 and 5). It was meritoriously expanded when new channels were launched, but has been bursting at the seams in recent years.

The new channel logos feel less rigid and "logo-like", consisting in their pure forms of a dot and a numeral, supplemented by the word "France" when needed. The identifying colours for the individual channels have been largely been maintained and "brightened". On screen, the channels are also identified by different animated patterns, such as concentric circles for France 2, rectangles for France 3, irregularly placed circles for France 4, gridded circles for France Ô/La 1ère and rasterized images for the corporate level.

Previous logos.

This rebrand has trickled in over time. France Info launched in 2016, featuring a "proto-version" of the new identity. The on-demand service was renamed France.TV back in May and was first to properly adopt the new corporate look. I started getting tips about a company-wide rebrand back in December, when the new trademarks were registered with authorities.

As is usually the case with French TV rebrands, there's extensive coverage over at Lenodal (in French).

France Télévisions

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  1. Wow that's an incredible change! You could see that a major shift was coming when they re-launched the website, and the launch of the franceinfo site and channel. I didn't imagine they would so radically change it up, but it's good!