Monday, July 30, 2018

Cape Rock redesigns two magazine shows for Deutsche Welle

Dutch design studio Cape Rock has delivered redesigns for magazine programs from German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. The first is Made, "the business magazine", which launched a new look in mid-May. A few weeks later, on June 2, the science magazine "Tomorrow Today" also introduced a new graphics package.

Even though the redesigns were made by the same company for the same broadcaster, there's nothing to intentionally unite them visually. They do however share the fact that they need to work in the many languages that DW is available in.

Tomorrow Today's graphics are inspired by light, "reflecting a modern conception of science: a force that enables us to develop and renew ourselves, creating a world that is more refined and colorful".

Old intro for Tomorrow Today.

"The updated design sheds a new light on science, reflecting a modern conception of science: a force that enables us to develop and renew ourselves, creating a world that is more refined and colourful. The broad and infinite spectrum of science is illustrated by the statement "Science brings colour into life". The spectral colours - as colours of science - run through all elements of the design and show the richness of our complex world in its entire spectrum. The design is based on a uniform grid that refers to scientific communication via tables and units. The visuals are supported by music that expresses the sound of fascination and curiosity." - Cape Rock

DW Tomorrow Today | Leader from CapeRock on Vimeo.

Made has de-emphasised the old name "Made in Germany", focusing more of makers who've made it, i. e. innovative entrepreneurs. The intro for Made portrays disruption with a big and strong wordmark in multiple rapidly changing and highly eclectic environments. It takes its cues from modern business magazines.

New intro for Made.

Old intro for Made in Germany.

"You have made it when you are on the covers of magazines. MADE showcases successful entrepreneurs who are redefining the workplace and examines the risks and benefits of digitalisation and disruptive innovation. To stay innovative you need to embrace disruption and to play a leading role as an international business platform you need to make a bold move.

CapeRock created a bold and contemporary design for MADE. The new look is that of a modern business magazine. The design focusses on the strong word mark: MADE. Provocative, colourful graphics are used to create visual statements around eclectic themes.

The music emphasises the disruptive feel which should be conveyed by the show. "The music we produced for MADE represents the typical beat for entrepreneurs: an electro track with a slow cool beat, enhancing the proud yet fun impact of the people shown in MADE", says Martijn Wolff, Partner & Head of Production CapeRock.

The overall result is a distinctive look that is appealing to people who like to be informed about business topics and aim for success in a world that changes rapidly.
" - Cape Rock

DW MADE | Leader from CapeRock on Vimeo.

Case study Tomorrow Today
Case study MADE

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