Friday, July 13, 2018

e-Types creates traveling identity for Kilroy

Kilroy is a Nordic travel group, mainly serving the niche expectations of students and other young people, such as backpacking and study tours. It has a history stretching back to 1946, but has been known as Kilroy since 1991. It is named after the "Kilroy was here" phenomenon.

Last autumn, Kilroy launched a new brand identity, created by e-Types in Copenhagen. The new logo is simply the name set in "Italian Plate n°2", a typeface developed by e-Types' type foundry Playtype. To bring a sense a movement and exploration to the logo, it features a "traveling I"; whenever possible the letter "I" will travel from the logo to another place. With the slogan "Keep Going", the theme of movement is also seen in imagery and other aspects of Kilroy's communication.

Previous logo.

The previous logo used a wordmark that had been with the brand since it launched. It was originally used with a more complex illustration as seen below, but that was dispensed with over a decade ago.

The original Kilroy logo, probably launched in 1992.

"When it came to finding the inspiration for the Kilroy visual identity, the act of traveling and movement was the obvious choice for the Nordic travel brand. Something that expressed freedom and open opportunity – and it was with this that the ‘traveling i’ was born. The ‘traveling i’ is a dynamic element in the Kilroy logo, and a key player in the visual identity. The ‘i’ is activated and used as a graphical element on all platforms – in everything from spatial to digital to print. The ‘traveling i’ can move anywhere it wants within the layout, area or spread, depending on the expression one is going for. The themes of travel and movement continue throughout the rest of the visual identity, and can be seen in the layout and picture style. The design elements are always on the move and full of action, creating a dynamic and flexible expression that conveys the boldness of the Kilroy brand. " - e-Types case study

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