Thursday, July 12, 2018

Revealing new look for German consumer programme by Cape Rock

Dutch design studio Cape Rock has delivered a few project for Germany's public broadcaster ZDF recently. One of these is for Wiso, the channel's consumer magazine, which launched a new look on May 28.

Wiso has been on the air since 1984. The previous look was somewhat integrated into ZDF's corporate look, where the new one allows the programme to become its own brand, working across different platforms.

Cape Rock's on-screen graphics are heavily influenced by the diagonals in the letter W which are used as a metaphor for revelation and clarification. The triangular whitespace in the W gives inspiration to pointers that can be used when needed.

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"The changing TV landscape forces programs to develop strong branding to work successfully across TV, online and social media to connect with audiences. The updated design of WISO is an example of how a strong design approach helps to be recognisable and relevant to its audience. CapeRock collaborated with the creative team of ZDF on the development of an iconic, dynamic and future-proof design.

WISO is Germany’s oldest consumer program informing consumers for almost 35 years about the impact of political and economical matters by providing them with insights and offering actionable tips. Social and financial issues can be complex with layer upon layer of information. WISO aims to make these matters more transparent by breaking them down into easy-to-grasp bits of story.

CapeRock reflects this approach in the new design. By deconstructing the logo and using the four diagonals of the letter ‘’W’’ as a base grid for all layouts the new design is simple yet dynamic and flexible. It supports the purpose of the program to clarify complex themes in a reliable and understandable way. The use of the diagonal panels helps to create depth and perspective and reveals the content when brought into motion. The overlapping parts of the panels form small triangles that are used to playfully point to information.

The program is build up with different chapters. From undercover grandma’s to product tests and items about services, money and health. For each of these categories CapeRock created a specific opener including the music.
" - Cape Rock

Cape Rock
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