Monday, July 23, 2018

Time is money for new mobile bank identity by Hulsbosch

86 400 is a new mobile banking company, recently launched in Australia. The idea is to offer the full capacity of regular bank in a mobile phone round-the-clock. Its launch identity was developed by Hulsbosch.

The name isn't a phone number; it comes from the number of seconds in a day. The core of the brand is to "value every second", expressed by blinking dots at the beginning of the logo.

From a press release:
Jaid Hulsbosch, Director at Hulsbosch commented, “Underpinned by the latest digital capabilities available, 86 400 is set to challenge and reinvent the customer banking experience. Our role was to support this, to create a brand identity that was unlike anything in category and fulfilled the brand’s customer promise.

We developed a bold masterbrand strategy that reflected the idea of ‘value every second’ – the promise and proposition to customers. This concept set the tone for a beautiful, succinct visual language which all anchors back to this idea – that 86 400 delivers value every second, of every minute, of every day – all eighty-six four hundred of them.

I’m delighted 86 400 now own a unique recognisable symbol of their brand that’s a smart for-digital design representing the spirit of their game-changing enterprise.”

Hulsbosch designed a clean, contemporary evolving logo based on the increment of time- the second. A key visual component is the graphic device of a punctuation mark, a colon icon, which can be used as shorthand for the logo or within the completed brand identity. In addition, the extensive colour palette is simple and is an expression of 86 400’s unwavering commitment to meet customers ‘in the moment’.

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