Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Updated logo for Nordic travel company Apollo

Apollo is one of the leading travel operators in the Nordic countries. It originally offered trips to Greece, which gave it its name, but nowadays operates tours to many destinations in Europe and Asia. On June 19, it launched a refreshed logo as part of a new identity programme by Essen International.

The refreshed identity is said to reflect the company's expansion from mainly offering trips to sunny beaches to also including adventure, city discovery and cruises. The existing logo was well-known in the Nordics and the new one is a careful update, clarifying the symbol and updating the colours.

Previous logo.

The previous Apollo logo was introduced in its original form in December 2002 as part part of an effort to modernise and broaden the appeal of the travel operator. Around 2012 it was updated and freed from its blue containing box, making its more functional and versatile.

The Apollo logo, as introduced in 2002.

Essen International

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