Thursday, August 16, 2018

Abstract satellite for Russian TV operator Tricolor

Trikolor is one of Russia's satellite TV platforms, operated by the "National Satellite Company". It was known as Trikolor TV, until yesterday (August 15) wen it rebranded itself with a neat new logo.

The old logo was a more literal illustration of a satellite, which was relevant went the company went into business in 2005 as a satellite company. In recent years, the company has expanded to other platforms. "TV" was therefore dropped from the name and the satellite was changed into a more abstract symbol that retains familiarity in shape and colour, but is more "modern and expressive". The changes reflect the company's tagline "Your Entertainment Environment Operator".

Previous logo.

There's not much more to see at the moment, but standards manual fans could enjoy the old manual which is available here.

Vertical version.

Via VC

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