Thursday, August 30, 2018

From 1960: Record Source, Inc. by S. Neil Fujita

Record Source International was an American music record distributor that provided records and singles for radio stations. The records were chosen from all major labels in cooperation with Billboard magazine.

The company was launched in 1960 as Record Source, Inc., as a division of a company called Scott-Textor Productions under the leadership of former Columbia Records executive Hal B. Cook. "International" was added to the name two years later.

A quirky logo designed by S. Neil Fujita could be seen in ads as early as June 1960. While Fujita did design some trademarks, he is best known for his covers for Columbia Records, including Dave Brubeck's Take Five. It is conceivable that Fujita had worked for Cook while at Columbia.

RSI was primarily in the distribution business and didn't generally publish their own records. The only known record published by RSI appears to be "Pronouncing the Classics" from 1962, which, as the name suggests, contained pronunciation of 1200 names of foreign artists and composers as an aid to American disc jockeys. S. Neil Fujita also designed the cover of that record.

An ad from June 1960, announcing the RSI service.

Billboard Magazine bought RSI in 1962. They held on to the company until 1990 when it was sold to a consortium of jukebox operators.

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