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From 2017: Idents for Viasat Nature by WeAreSeventeen

Viasat Nature is a nature TV channel available in several territories, mostly in Europe. Last summer, the channel launched a set of six new channel idents, commissioned from London-based motion studio WeAreSeventeen, with sound design by Echoic.

The old idents, introduced in 2014, featured fairly basic shots of landscapes. The new ones are more conceptual, turning the N in the logo into a portal that brings animals into the TV screen. The animals and their landscapes are created entirely using realistic computer graphics.

A still from the old idents.

The core concept of the idents embodies the notion that Viasat Nature brings the wonder of the natural world into the home of the viewers. This theme is translated on- screen with the iconic N of the channel brand acting as a ‘portal’ to bring creatures from their natural habit, into the brand world.

Inspiring creative, and intelligent storytelling is used to bring content to life on Viasat Nature, so the success of these idents relied on a high level of realism and authenticity. weareseventeen’s first task was research into each animal and its habitat at a macro level, understanding the behaviour in such detail so it could be recreated as genuinely as possible.

Created entirely in CG, the idents bring to life a variety of wildlife in stunningly realistic environments. The animals were chosen to cover a wide range of areas of the channels programming, with each ident touching on a different theme. From the high impact action of battling Big Horned Rams, to the playful Emperor Penguins; the magical underwater world of the Manta Ray, to the dense jungle of the Rainbow Stag Beetle; and the unsettling image of the venomous Bush Viper, to the adorable Red Squirrel hoarding food for winter.
- Press release

An ident compilation:

Viasat Nature from weareseventeen on Vimeo.

A breakdown of the visual assets and their animation:

Viasat Nature Idents - Brakedown from weareseventeen on Vimeo.

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