Friday, August 3, 2018

From 2017: Maximized look for TV3 Max

TV3 Max is a new Danish TV channel launched last autumn (on October 31, 2017) as an off-shoot from the Danish commercial channel TV3. It replaced the broadcaster's second sports channel, TV3 Sport 2, and sits along side the main TV3 channel, TV3 Plus, TV3 Puls and TV3 Sport.

The graphics package was produced in-house at MTG Creative in London (now renamed NENT Creative Studio London).

Even though it replaced a sports channel, the new channel is still quite sports heavy with a lot of football. It also features plenty of comedy. Overall, the content skews male which is reflected by action-oriented graphics in a rugged grey-orange colour scheme.

TV3_MAX_Ident_Compilation from West One Music Group on Vimeo.

New logo.


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