Thursday, August 2, 2018

GasNatural Fenosa becomes Naturgy, with simplified butterfly

Gas Natural Fenosa is a major Spanish energy company with activities in Europe and Latin America. On June 27, it changed its name to the more ownable and less cumbersome Naturgy.

According to a press release, the new name "represents the energy of our nature, as well as a digital and global company that works to improve the lives of people through simple and natural technology". Visually, the butterfly that used to represent Gas Natural has been streamlined and simplified as a less "natural" abstract shape.

Update August 29: The new identity was created by Interbrand.

Previous logo.

The gasNatural butterfly was originally introduced in 1992 and survived the merger with Fenosa.

The original 1992 version of the logo.
The video below presents the new brand, including some graphical elements:

Via FutureBrand (not the agency responsible)

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