Monday, August 27, 2018

Lippincott creates Versant Health brand for eyecare company

Superior Vision and Davis Vision are two American companies providing "managed vision benefits", managing optician products for people who get their healthcare via their employer. Last year, they combined their operations and in May they launched a name and visual identity for the combined company, Versant Health, created by Lippincott.

The name Versant reflects "experience and conversational approach", with "Health" added to firmly base the company in the health market and not a separate eyewear market. The symbol consists of radiating spokes that make up an abstract iris.

From Lippincott's case study:
The Superior Vision and Davis Vision combination introduced a new leader in managed vision benefits — one that brings together distinct legacies of premium service and value. With this newly unified organization, we developed a purpose-led brand that advances vision care as an essential part of total health.

We created a brand platform that brought the equities of Superior Vision and Davis Vision together in a powerful way. The platform commits to keeping customers at the center of all they do, while looking ahead to the future. We then brought these commitments to life through design principles that guide the expression and experience of the brand.

We coined a name that captures the organization’s dedication to an optimal health experience. “Versant” reflects the experience and conversational approach they bring to every interaction. It’s distinctive, but intuitive. The active “–ant” ending adds dynamism and flexibility. And the addition of “Health” grounds the organization in its industry while broadening the scope of traditional vision care.

We created an identity system that would help establish Versant Health and unify Davis Vision and Superior Vision as its market brands. We designed a powerful symbol to represent the organization’s shared vision and used it strategically to link all three brands — across everything from client presentations, to member communications, to high profile LPGA sponsorship.

The symbol’s radiating lines build into an abstract eye form to speak to the different perspectives and extensive impact of comprehensive care. A shared logotype treatment further unifies the family. In communications, brand linkages are created through a strategic endorsement system.

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  1. This is a great design for a healthcare brand, I just wished them to go a bit bolder in their color choice, the colors are just too generic.