Tuesday, August 7, 2018

PR firm Buchanan rebrands itself

The multinational PR firm Bell Pottinger went under scandalously last year. This meant that many people not involved in the scandal lost their jobs, including those employed by Bell Pottinger's design department, whose projects have been featured here before.

Former Bell Pottinger employees Kerrie Palmer, Neil Stockwell and Rob Boles were hired by another agency, WPP-owned Buchanan, as their new design department. They set about giving their new employer a new website and a new visual identity. This enabled them to both familiarise themselves with their new colleagues and apply their skills to help the company.

Previous logo.

"Our approach ensured we retained the legacy, familiarity and strong foundations Buchanan has built within the financial community. To do this we evolved the mark – retaining a nod to the previous lozenge but re-fitting the type with an adapted Aleo slab serif. This is complimented with text setting in sans serif Raleway/Rawline.

With the addition of new corporate photography, allied to abstract stock imagery, Buchanan has a refreshed, dynamic and accessible visual language fit for presenting the business in its latest phase.
" - Kerrie Palmer

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