Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Win Win – new name for sustainability award

Win Win Gothenburg Sustainability Award is an award given to "outstanding achievements towards a sustainable future" by the City of Gothenburg, Sweden. It was known as "the Gothernburg Award" until May this year when it introduced a new name and visual identity by local agency Happy F&B.

The name "Win Win" was chosen for being memorable and expressed a positive vision for sustainable development - that of creating win-win situations. The logo is an expression of "give and take" and is therefore constantly moving as a sort of visualisation of trade-offs.

"Sustainability is all about satisfying our demands today without jeopardising future generations’ ability to satisfy theirs. Win win, in other words. And there it was – the name. The planet wins, humanity wins and whoever picks up the award also wins. One problem solved. Now we needed to visualise the solution. To communicate sustainability over time, the new logotype is dynamic, not static. After all, win-win requires give and take – against a complex backdrop of societal, geopolitical and climatic factors. Our aim is ultimately to inspire thinkers and doers around the world to even greater efforts. The award itself is a radical departure from the usual trophies and gongs. The basic shape is a cube, but each year it is made of a different sustainable material. One year it might be seaweed, the next volcanic ash, the year after that recycled ocean plastic – and so on, until one day sustainability is so ingrained in our collective behaviour that there is no need for an award. But until then, we try to win win." - Happy

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