Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Cape Rock shines new light on Nelonen

Nelonen is Finland's fourth TV channel and the flagship of one of its major audiovisual media groups. It features an entertainment-heavy schedule, summed up by the slogan "Entertainment is good for you". Last week (on October 2) it launched a new logo and graphics package, developed by Dutch group Cape Rock who've redesigned Nelonen's supplemental channels Jim and Liv in the past.

The new logo is a bit chunkier and more straight-forward than its predecessor. It comes in four gradiented colour variations. The idents take inspiration from the northern lights, featuring joyous situations where the glowing Nelonen logo appears.

Previous logo.

The old logo was created by UK-based Proud Creative and launched in 2014, as covered here at the time.

"We created a modern visual identity inspired by the Northern Lights, to change the perception of Nelonen across Finland. The design is based on the creative concept ‘’The Magic of Big Entertainment’’ and shows colourful light, shed on big entertaining content. The colourscapes highlight the contrast between light and dark, synonymous to the rich contrasts within Finnish society." - Cape Rock

Nelonen | Idents from CapeRock on Vimeo.

Colours variations.


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