Friday, October 5, 2018

Kontrapunkt brands the Danish parliament - Folketinget

Established in 1849, Folketinget is Denmark's parliament. This week, on October 2, it launched a refreshed visual identity ahead of the new legislative period. Kontrapunkt under the leadership of Mikkel Lemvig was behind the new look which is designed to work better on digital platforms, while also maintaining a sense of history.

Folketinget's symbol has traditionally been a red seal based of the national coat of arms. In Kontrapunkt's new version it has been freed of its outer ring with its lettering, clarifying the heraldic lions and hearts. Instead, a new wordmark is used. It is set in a custom typeface inspired by the kingdom's 1915 constitution. There's also a set of patterns inspired by wall decorations at Christiansborg, the parliamentary building.

Previous logo.

Previous logos, and the new one.

"In order to ensure a long-term expression of Denmark's legislative power, extensive strategic work preceded the design process. Interviews and research clearly showed a Parliament that wishes to signal credibility, openness and orderliness - with respect for history.

The identity consists of elements found in Christiansborg Palace, the home of the Folketing, and now unites all its institutions in one overall visual expression. Many people recognise the colours and patterns from TV or actual visits to the palace and, therefore, connect them to the Parliament. Now, the elements are brought to places where citizens meet the Folketing - whether it's at a committee visit in Hirtshals or at the annual people's meeting in Bornholm.

The new typeface in the logo is strongly inspired by the features of the 1915 Constitution, which gave women the right to vote. The colour palette is taken from the flower frieze in the Walking Hall while the patterns are based on carpets and chair seats in the Parliament Hall alongside the entrance hall in Rigsdagsgården. Combined, the elements ensure a stylish and recognisable visual language that emphasises the historical anchorage.

The update is due to the Parliament's ever-increasing need to be present digitally. The latest identity from 2007 does not work optimally on screens where many citizens meet the Folketing today. Thus, the new design is created digitally and optimised for screen usage. It is rolled out on numerous internal products as well as their TV channel that 6% of the population watch regularly.
" - Kontrapunkt

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