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Unified logos for Channel 4 thematic channels

Channel 4, one of the major broadcasters in the United Kingdom, also operates a portfolio of thematic channels. These are called E4, More4, Film4, 4Music and 4Seven. These have typically been represented by differing '4' logos that embody the remit of each channel, for example a chunky purple 4 for the youth channel and a colourful 4 for the lifestyle-oriented More4. On September 27, they all launched new logos based on the main Channel 4 logo. The work was headed by the in-house agency 4Creative, with help from ManvsMachine.

The new logos build on the refreshed lighter version of the main Channel 4 logos that was introduced in 2015. The names of the thematic channels are merged with the main Channel 4 logo in imaginative ways, with typefaces that reflect the content for the different channels. This aims to bring a sense of cohesion to the Channel 4 family as the rise of streaming services has meant that individual channels have become less important.

For most channels, this was simply a matter of rebadging existing idents and graphics to include the new logos. However, the youth channel E4 gets a set of 19 new idents. They were produced by various creative studios such as Studio AKA, Blinkink and Time Based Arts.

This story is a couple of weeks old by now, but I wanted to wait until I could include proper good quality versions of the new logos. The ones below are the official versions provided by Channel 4.

From a press release:
The network rebrand will unify the digital channel portfolio consisting of More4, Film4, 4Music, 4Seven and E4 whilst maintaining their strong individual brand personalities. In addition, the Channel 4 corporate logo will also evolve from the multi-coloured 3D design to the timeless 2D Lambie-Nairn design. The new logos will all incorporate the iconic 4 more prominently, emphasising they are all part of the Channel 4 family.

The new E4 logo, which was last refreshed in 2013, will keep its purple colour and will have eight new opticals to showcase the mischievous, rebellious personality of the popular youth-focused digital channel. There will also be 19 new on-air idents produced by a diverse mix of talented creatives from across the UK. The fun collection of unique films and animations each with its own quirky take on the new E4 logo, brings a fresh creative energy to the E4 viewer experience.


Alice Tonge, Head of 4Creative, said: “Our channel brands have strong visual identities of their own, but now, with so many channels and so much noise, we need more than just the number 4 to unite our brand family. With E4, in a world where online is forever changing and innovating, we wanted to create a brand identity that feels less structured and predictable, so we have 19 different idents created by people all over the UK. The eclectic mix, which all reveal the new E4 logo in different ways, are a chance to not only showcase the new identity but to remind people why they are watching E4 by entertaining them.”

Credits for overall work:

ECD: Alice Tonge
Creative Directors: Dan Chase (More4 and Film4), Will Clark (E4)
Design Director: Tim Fellowes
Designers: Dan Bown, Patrick Carroll, Tim Fellowes, Brendon O’Dwyer, Kevin Price, Ben Smith
Head of Production: Clare Brown
Executive Producer (Development Phase): Shananne Lane
Executive Channel Producer: Jason Delahunty
Senior Producer, Project Lead: Louise Oliver
Producers: Selena Cunningham, Shizuka Hata
Senior Digital Producer: Christos Savvides
Digital Production Assistant: Kelly Lacroix
Corporate Rebrand Project Manager: Helen Prangnell
Group Business Director: Matt Berry

Channel 4 Marketing
Head of Marketing: James Walker
Deputy Head of Marketing: Laura Ward
Group Marketing Managers: Grace Ayres, Harry Dromey
Strategy: James Hamilton

Design Agency: ManvsMachine

4Music / The Box Plus Network
Designers: Daniel Wood, Francois Cassin, Kat Tarsouli
Marketing Director: Melissa Fretwell
Managing Director: Matt Rennie

The first batch of E4 idents, with credits:

Production: Studio AKA
Dir: Kristian Andrews
Sound Design: Dave Pape

New Breed
Production: Studio AKA
Dir: Marcus Armitage
Music & Sound Design: Dave Pape

Space Station
Production Company: Blinkink
Director: Elliot Dear
Exec Producer: Bart Yates
Producer: Hugo Donkin
Lead Model Maker: Emma Rose Dade
Model Maker: Elliot Dear
Laser Cutting: Lasermake
Production Coordinator: Maria Kolandawel
DoP & Motion Control: Max Halstead
Lighting Assistant: Will Kay
Grade, Compositing & Sound:Elliot Dear

Production company: Blinkink
Directors: Parabella
Exec Producer: Bart Yates
Producer: Hugo Donkin
Model Maker: Michael Please
Model Maker: Daniel Ojari
Model Maker: Catherine Prowse
Model Maker: Rebecca Sloan
DoP: Hugo Donkin
Construction: David O'Neill
Compositors: Daniel Ojari & Michael Please
Music & Sound: Ben Please & Beth Porter

Blinkink has also produced two further idents called Kebab and Building.

Production company: Time Based Arts
Directors / Lead CGI - H Block
Nuke - Matt Shires
Animation - Nick Smalley
Houdini - Mike Battcock
Grade - Simone Grattarola
VFX Producer - Chris Aliano
Music & Sound Design: Dave Pape

Studio AKA
Time Based Arts
The Drum

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