Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sterling Brands creates identity for home cocktail product Drinkworks

Drinkworks by Keurig is a new home cocktail machine, developed by a joint venture between Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) and Keurig. It launched last week, with a brand identity from Sterling Brands.

Sterling built the new brand around having great nights at home. The logo - ten circles in a circle - is inspired by the multitude of circular objects in the Drinkworks product.

The Verge has a good article on the product itself.

Provided text and quotes:
Sterling Brands partnered with Drinkworks, a joint venture between ABI and Keurig, to develop the consumer muse, brand strategy and visual identity for the newly launched Drinkworks Home Bar. We ran extensive consumer research to get to the core of how an in-home cocktail machine can reinvent the entire drinking experience. We uncovered why the device should be designed for people who like to host and shaped the brand’s story around celebrating the potential for remarkable nights in. Our visual identity, alongside extensive brand guidelines, assist both internal and activation teams as Drinkworks continues to change the way people enjoy craft-quality cocktails from the comfort of their own home.

“The ideal consumers are true people pleasers who care deeply about their ability to deliver the best possible experience for anyone in their home, even on a casual Wednesday night in. The Drinkworks promise, to deliver the remarkable, speaks to this love and passion for being exceptional hosts to their family and friends — every day, every time.”
- Jessica Trief, SVP, Strategy at Sterling Brands

“There are a lot of round elements in the Drinkworks world – pods, glasses, coasters, the start button of the appliance… and the dots also work as a subtle reference to the Keurig wordmark. The line in the logo orients the reader, and in animation functions as a device to dial up or down the mood of the evening.” - Oliver Thein, Creative Director at Sterling Brands

Sterling Brands

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