Friday, January 25, 2019

Swedish publisher Forum rebrands for anniversary

Bokförlaget Forum is a Swedish book publisher for original and translated books in both fiction and non-fiction, generally seeking out books that are important to the here and now. It belongs to the Bonnier group, the largest publishing house in Sweden.

Founded in January 1944, they are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. In anticipation of this, they revealed a new logo in November last year, according to a Facebook post. The new logo is a simple shaded square, white an optional orange background colour.

No credit for the new logo at the moment.

Previous logo.
Horizontal version:

The old logo was probably introduced around 2000-2001. It was designed Peter Alenäs, who has included a few samples of his work on the old identity in his portfolio. Alenäs was employed by the now shuttered agency Bark Design between 2000-2004, so he probably created the old Forum logo while working there.

Sample from the old identity.

Sample from the old identity.

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