Saturday, April 27, 2019

Strong and simple design for ORF1

ORF1 is one on the main channels from Austrian broadcaster ORF. Yesterday (April 26), it launched a new logo and visual system. It was designed by Norwegian design agency Bleed and local agency Partlhewson. Bleed has previous experience designing for their national broadcaster NRK.

ORF1 differs from ORF2 in that it skews a bit younger and it somewhat more entertainment-oriented. The new look is heavily built around the simple new logo, created out of four stacked squares. The logo swipes in and out on screen, as does most of the flat graphics, all to great effect. The varied programming genres are defined by different colours. A custom typeface, called Eins Sans, was also created.

"The biggest challenge – but also chances – for ORF 1 lie in the diversity of the program. This applies especially to the on-air design, but also on all other channels. The new design reflects exactly this diversity and offers orientation: the strong new 1-symbol, bespoke typeface and the animation concept provide the solid core of the identity. An elaborated color concept makes the extensive program offer more visible and provides a recognition feature for the audience." - Bleed

The old logo was introduced in January 2011 and designed by DMC and UnitedSenses (coverage in German here).

Press release
Tiroler Tageszeitung
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