Monday, April 1, 2019

TV4 brings niche channels in line

Sweden's largest commercial TV channel TV4 streamlined its offerings last year, standardising the logos of its main channels. (Read more about it here.) This streamlining was recently applied to TV4's niche channels for documentaries, films and classic TV, namely TV4 Fakta, TV4 Film and TV4 Guld.

These three channels used to have their own identities, with differently shaped logos. Now, they all use the main TV4 logo with simple descriptive text. TV4 has scaled back its investment in niche channels and closed down some underperforming ones recently, and this logo change helps reinforce that strategy.

The new logos have been used at least since February, possibly earlier.

While the new logos aren't that exiting, they are somewhat interesting as they mark the definite end of the creative logo scheme that TV4 used for its niche channels. Under that scheme, each niche channel used TV4's '4' digit with a simple-yet-distinctive thematic holding shape. This made the logos feel both friendly and approachable, but also part of a larger family.

Logos for TV4's channel portfolio, around 2008-2010.

This logo scheme was first started with British motion design agency Kemistry and standardised by Sweden-based Barbro Ohlson-Smith and her agency. Kemistry designed the original logos for Plus, Film, Fakta and 400, but they were refined later on by Ohlson-Smith who alos created the logos for Sport, Guld, Komedi and Science Fiction from scratch.

Further fun facts: The new channel logos use TV4's custom font, which is called "Quattro Sans". It was designed as part of project headed by Stockholm-based Bold Scandinavia and has been in use since 2016.

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