Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Contemporarily traditional Stockholm/Åre 2026 bid logo by Happy F&B

A few days ago, the International Olympic Committee chose Milano/Cortina to host the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. However, if the applicant was to have been chosen solely based on the quality of the logo, the games would have gone to their only competitor, Stockholm/Åre in Sweden.

The Stockholm/Åre logo and identity was developed by Happy F&B. They created a treatment of the year 2026 inspired by traditional Swedish ornamental painting (kurbits). The aim was to "position Sweden as a forward-thinking country of longstanding traditions".

Not too long ago, the competition to host an Olympic Games used to be tough, with lots attention being given to the candidature logo. In the case of the Stockholm/Åre logo, it appears to have been rolled out slowly and quietly. I appeared on social media mid-January and had possibly been used elsewhere before that, but apparently didn't get a formal announcement.

Happy F&B
Candidature file

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