Monday, June 17, 2019

W creates moving traingle for insurer MAIF

Mutuelle d'assurance des instituteurs de France, generally known by the acronym MAIF, is an insurance company in France. On June 3, the company revealed a new visual identity, developed by the agency W.

The previous logo was developed by Carré Noir in the mid-90s. The 2019 redesign keeps the red triangle, but makes it more irregular and dynamic. According to W, this was done to make a mark that was "in motion", connecting to the movement roots of MAIF.

Previous logo.

"It was necessary to reinvent the brand without betraying its exceptional heritage. We have literally swung the brand into a new dimension; that of marks in movement. Its DNA, collective and militant at the heart of system without powerful concession or identity, is now aligned with the ambition of MAIF." - Valentin Baumont, creative director at W (translated from French)


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