Monday, July 15, 2019

WarnerMedia unveils new HBO Max service

In the ongoing "streaming wars", WarnerMedia (previously Time Warner), unveiled their big offering last week. It will be called "HBO Max". HBO already has a reasonably successful streaming service in HBO Go/HBO Now, but this throws everything else that Warner owns in, as well as original programming, to create a broad service that can rival Netflix.

Warner and HBO also own Cinemax, which probably helps with trademarking the name. They also already owned the URL, which used to be the press room for HBO and Cinemax.

The logo and what little other applications there at the moment use a blue-purple-red gradient. The actual letterforms have some potential for versatile animations.

On a somewhat related note: One of HBO Max's competitors, Disney+, was announced last autumn. At the time, we only had various iterations of the white Disney+ logo against a blue or otherwise dark background. Back in March when the acquisition of 21st Century Fox went through, the Disney Company website was updated to include this version of the logo against a white background:

Press release

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