Monday, September 2, 2019

A subtler S for Sony TV channels

Sony Pictures Television is the broadcasting arm of Sony Pictures, owning a variety of channels in Asia, the Americas and Europe. Some are operated under names like AXN and Animax, others use the Sony brand. At the moment, new branding is being rolled out for the Sony channels in Latin America and the United Kingdom.

One thing that makes these new logos interesting, is the pedigree of the one they replace. Sony's first major venture into international television was the launch of Sony Entertainment Television in 1995. For this, they contracted Chermayeff & Geismar to come up with symbol. C&G's solution featured an S partly visible through a box. In the following couple of decades, this symbol has been through a large amount of variations and treatments, being used for an eclectic mix of entertainment channels in India and other parts of Asia as well as Latin America, the United Kingdom and other areas.

The new logos are app-style squares with rounded corners, featuring a curve as a subtle reminder of the old S. They were first revealed in January 2018 for the streaming service Crackle, which Sony ironically sold earlier this year.

The new logos were announced for the UK channels on July 24 as part of a major relaunch that will see Sony reconfigure their offering into three movie channels (Sony Movies, Sony Movies Action, Sony Movies Classic) and one entertainment channel (Sony Channel). A couple week later, on August 12, Sony Channel in Latin America adopted the same logo, although that appears to be a straight rebrand. The UK launch is scheduled for September 10.

New logos in context.

Previous Sony Channel logo.

Original version of Sony Entertainment Television logo.

Sony Crackle logo, introduced in January 2018.

Trailer for upcoming programmes on Sony Channel Latin America, with new motion graphics.

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