Friday, October 18, 2019

Fresh and sustainable chicken branding for Kronfågel

Kronfågel is Sweden's leading provider of chicken meat, founded in 1970. Last month, it launched a refreshed visual identity.

The new logo and packaging launches with a campaign focused on sustainability, positioning chicken as meat with lower climate impact. The logo features a lighter font and a more prominent position for Kronfågel's cutlet frill symbol.

Previous logo.

While this refresh keeps key elements of the previous logo, it is a relatively large departure from Kronfågel who haven't really changed their logo in decades. The last update was made in 2008 and the agency in charge at the time was Embrink Design.

No credit for the new design, although the ad campaign was developed by Nord DDB who have a design unit called Nord ID.

Symbol-only version of the logo.


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