Thursday, October 3, 2019

R U noticing the change in the UR logo?

UR, short for Sveriges Utbildningsradio ("Swedish Educational Broadcasting"), is one of Sweden's public service broadcasters. It is the smaller of the three public broadcasters with a special remit to provide educational programmes. Over the last couple of months it has rolled some new corporate graphics with a refreshed logo.

The UR logo has always been a simple and friendly ligature and was last updated in January 2001 (by the agency Dallas Sthlm). The change in the new logo is barely noticeable, with a slight extension of the leg in the R. A slight change, but the predecessor feels quite awkward once you've seen the new one.

With the refreshed logo comes a few gradient-filled graphics. The new look had been previewed over the last few months, but was rolled out more seriously in late August and September, probably to start the autumn semester. No credit on the new design.

Previous logo.

2001 logo (pink) and 2019 logo (blue) overlayed on each other.


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