Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Logos of Dan Reisinger (1934–2019)

Israeli graphic designer Dan Reisinger passed away recently. Born in present-day Serbia, he moved to Israel after the war and became one of the country's leading graphic designers and a member of the AGI. He gained distinction as a poster designer, but was also a prolific designer of trademarks and corporate identity programmes. Among these were a series of posters and logos for the Maccabiah Games.

To mark his passing and to preserve some content from his soon-to-be-inaccessible Flash website, here's a selection of Reisinger's logo and trademark designs. All dates are according to Reisinger.

Habima, 1968.

Teshet, 1968.

Velveta, 1968.

El Al, 1971. Redesign of Otto Treuman's original logo.

Iscar, 1976.

10th Maccabia, 1977.

Delek fuel, 1977. A refreshed version of this logo is still in use.

Maxima, 1977. Gas company. In use until 2009.

Thompson Medicals New York, 1977.

Arkia Airlines, 1980.

Eco, chemical products.

Africa-Israel Construction, 1981.

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, 1982. Now uses a more modern interpretation of this theme.

Shenkar College, 1982. Still used today.

Creative Output, systems software.

Carmel, 1984.

Teva, 1986. Pharmaceutical company. One of Reisinger's bigger corporate identity programmes. Has been gradually phased out since 2018.

Electra 1986

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, 1987. Still in use.

Israeli Union of Performing Artists, 1988.

Dor Energy, 1989.

Migdal Insurance & Finance, 1989. Still in use.

13th Maccabiah Games, 1989.

Tambour 1991

Israel of Ministry of Tourism, 1993.

Hishtil, 1993. Still in use.

Gav-Yam, 1997. Real estate company. Still in use.

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