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Logos of the 2010s: Charities and non-profits

Many prominent design agencies set of time for some pro bono work, meaning worthy causes like charities and other non-profits benefit from experienced identity designers who are allowed to apply their creativity with less economic pressure.

This summary is mainly focused on aid and advocacy groups. I've also included a few other non-profits, like scout organisations. It does not include sports and culture logos; there will be a special feature on the latter later on.


American Red Cross (2012)
Created by: Turner Duckworth
Red Cross (archive)
Brand Standards (archive)
Brand New

Peace Corps (2016)
Revealed: June 1, 2016
Press release
Brand guidelines

Action Against Hunger (2016)
Created by: Johnson Banks
Revealed: October 19, 2016
Action Against Hunger (archive)
Design Week

Human Appeal (2018)
Created by: Johnson Banks
Launched: March 12, 2018
Brand New
Johnson Banks

The Water Trust (2014)
Created by: Prophet
Prophet (archive)

Comic Relief (2019)
Created by: Studio Whistlejacket
Design Week

Feed the Children (2014)
Launched: June 16, 2014
Feed the Children
Brand New

Barnfonden (2018)
Created by: Neumeister


Natuur & Milieu (2010)
Created by: Interbrand Amsterdam
Revealed: September 30, 2010
Launched: September 30, 2010
Interbrand press release (archive)
Interbrand case study (archive)
Natuur & Milieu

World Animal Protection (2014)
Created by: Wolff Olins
Revealed: June 2014
Design Week


Heart & Stroke Foundation (2016)
Created by: Paula Scher, Pentagram
Launched: November 15, 2016
Brand New

Cystic Fibrosis Trust (2013)
Created by: Johnson Banks
Cystic Fibrosis Trust (archive)
Johnson Banks (archive)
Brand New

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (2011)
Created by: Landor Associates
Revealed: January 3, 2011
Launched: January 3, 2011
Landor archive
Brand New
CMNH archive

Breast Cancer Now (2015)
Created by: The Clearing
The Clearing

Breast Cancer Now (2019)
Launched: October 1, 2019
Wolff Olins
Design Week

McGrath Foundation (2016)
Created by: Hulsbosch
The Branding Source

Cancer Research UK (2012)
Created by: Interbrand

Cancerfonden (2019)
Created by: Identity Works
Revealed: January 3, 2019

Action on Hearing Loss (2011)
Created by: HatTrick
Launched: June 9, 2011
Branding Source

RNIB (2018)
Created by: The&Partnership
Design Week

Alzheimer Nederland (2012)
Created by: Studio Dumbar
Studio Dumbar (archive)
Creative Review

Alzheimer's Australia (2011)
Created by: Interbrand Australia
Launched: October 2011
Brand New

Race Against Dementia (2016)
Created by: Brand Union
Brand Union
Design Week


GLAAD (2010)
Created by: Lippincott
Revealed: April 15, 2010
Press release

American Civil Liberties Union (2017)
Created by: Open
Brand New

Hope not Hate (2017)
Created by: Blue State Digital

MoveOn (2018)
Created by: RedPeak
Brand New

Electronic Frontier Foundation (2018)
Created by: Michael Bierut, Pentagram
Launched: July 9, 2018
The Branding Source

New America Foundation (2014)
Created by: Simple.Honest.Work.
Launched: September 12, 2014
New America (archive)
Brand New

Social Mobility Foundation (2018)
Created by: Jones Knowles Ritchie

Alcohol Change UK (2018)
Created by: Offthetopofmyhead
Third Sector


YMCA (2010)
Created by: Siegel+Gale
Revealed: July 12, 2010
Press release

Girl Scouts of America (2010)
Created by: Original Champions of Design
Original Champions of Design (archive)
Brand New

UK Scout Association (2018)
Created by: NotOnSunday
Scouts brand centre

Scouts Australia (2019)
Created by: Cato Brand Partners
Scouts Australia
Brand New
Brand site

Meals on Wheels America (2015)
Created by: Duffy & Partners
The Branding Source

Make-A-Wish (2018)
Created by: Rule29

Teach First (2019)
Created by: Johnson Banks
Launched: August 13, 2019
Brand New
Press release
Design Week
Johnson Banks

DonorsChoose (2019)
Created by: Hyperakt
Launched: November 5, 2019
Brand New
Brand page

Voices of Youth (2011)
Created by: Hyperakt
Launched: February 2011
Hyperakt (archive)
Brand New

Volunteering Matters (2015)
Created by: Spencer du Bois
Launched: April 27, 2015
Volunteering Matters (archive)

New Leaders (2011)
Created by: Chermayeff & Geismar
Launched: October 18, 2011
Branding Source

New Visions for Public Schools (2012)
Created by: Chermayeff & Geismar
Launched: November 2012
Logo Design Love

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