Wednesday, January 22, 2020

New looks slide in for SVT's Rapport and Aktuellt

Sweden's national broadcaster, SVT, moved its national news programmes to a new studio recently. With that they introduced completely overhauled graphics and intros. Gothenburg-based Happy F&B is credited for the overall design rules, but much of the implementation was done in-house by SVT Design.

SVT has two national news programmes, with Rapport being the main news bulletin while Aktuellt is a daily in-depth current affairs programme. Rapport was first to move to the new studio, on December 5, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of its first broadcast. Aktuellt followed this week, on January 20.

Rapport had used the previous graphics since 2009 (details here), while Aktuellt was last overhauled in 2012.

The previous look for Rapport and associated programmes was characterised by heavy use of the slab-serif typeface PMN Caecilia and a clear red colour. Aspects of those recognisable elements have been carried over to the new look with a refreshed red colour. A slab serif typeface is still used for logos, although it now appears to be a modified version of the bespoke SVT typeface SVT Publik. Red is reserved for Rapport and local news, while other programmes have their own colours.

Aktuellt has a radical overhaul and a clean break with its previous look, which was already somewhat dated back in 2012. It adopts a logo in line with that of Rapport, but with a black-and-white colour scheme, described as "dynamic and sharp".

The intros for all programmes feature sliding images to an electronic tune, a combination previously adopted by NRK in Norway. The main feature of the new studio is a whirling 65 square metre screen that allows the scenery to change at an instant.

Previous Rapport intro.

Previous Aktuellt intro.

SVT Design posted these prototypes for new intros back in November 2018. Much of it survived unchanged:

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