Thursday, February 20, 2020

Bold brands borderless banking app Majority

Majority is a new banking app from Rebtel, a company that hitherto provided affordable international telephony. Majority is billed as the "first digital financial service for migrants", helping migrants get access to financial services typically reserved to citizens and permanent residents. It and launched in September 2019 with an identity by Stockholm-based Bold Scandinavia.

Bold wanted to create an inclusive identity. In addition to the simple wordmark, the letterforms have also been turned into a pattern of shape inspired by national flags.

Majority Casefilm from Bold Scandinavia on Vimeo.

The brand and visual identity were built around Majority’s principal of inclusivity. We’ve translated the name Majority into a graphic device, called the Canvas. The canvas is a geometric grid, inspired by flag designs. It can be brought to life through use of colours, photography, animation and typography. It’s an endlessly diverse, unifying design system that ties together the whole brand experience; from an intuitive banking app, to modular retail spaces and to playful campaign materials. - Bold case study


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