Wednesday, April 15, 2020

New TBS logo slanted towards the world

TBS, or Tokyo Broadcasting System, is one of the major television networks in Japan, broadcasting to Tokyo since 1951. On April 1, it launched a new visual identity which they had revealed back in January.

TBS had used it's previous logo - horribly stretched bold serif letters - since around 1994-ish. The new identity programme launches with a new corporate philosophy promising to increasingly make TBS programming available to the rest of the world, which may explain why they needed at logo that didn't look awful to westerners.

The new blue logo features a 66.6 degree slant extending from the upper part of the S to the bottom of the T. This slant mirrors the 23.4 degree angle of Earth's axis, while also representing a "door to tomorrow".

Main version of the previous logo.

Corporate version of the previous logo, featuring the "person" mascot.

Sub-brands for various services.

TBS January 6
TBS April 1

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