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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kemistry brands Romanian catch-up service

Digi is Romania's leading satellite TV platform. Like many other in the industry, it has expanded over the years to offer new services. Last month, it launched a new catch-up service called Digi Play. London-based agency Kemistry has been Digi's design partner for several years and also developed the logo and interface for Digi Play.

Monday, November 26, 2012

New logo: Digi Sport

Digi Sport is a set of premium sports channels available in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Croatia from the regional satellite company Digi. On August 1, it launched a completely new look, created by British broadcast design studio Kemistry, who had previously redesigned other channels for Digi. On-screen, the logo is constantly moving through fluid animation. Info graphics are also animated and use the same purple and blue colour scheme as the logo.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Idents: NRK1 (2011)

Last year, Norway's largest broadcaster, NRK, introduced new idents for its flagship channel NRK1, featuring a large blue ball that appears in everyday Norwegian life.

NRK1 previous idents had developed over ten years and featured scenery from around Norway where some round object would form the "dot" in the R in the NRK logo. The blue ball was a new take on that idea, but has more focus the Norwegian people rather than the country itself.

The idents where created by UK motion agency Kemistry, who had created some idents on the previous theme and also rebranded NRK's news and NRK2 earlier on. They were shots in two batches, one in summer and one in the winter. The balls were created in different sizes and materials, and were sometimes mechanically controlled.