Monday, February 28, 2011

New logo: BZÖ

Alliance for the Future of Austria (Bündnis Zukunft Österreich in German, abbreviated BZÖ) is an Austrian conservative-liberal party, founded in 2005 by the controversial Jörg Haider. BZÖ unveiled a new logo in late January.

When it comes to party logos, they often follow a common theme within a country. In Italy, party logos are circles filled with lots of text, in the United States they are animals with stars and bars while Swedish parties use flowers.

In Austria, most parties seem to use rectangles with three letters in them. The new BZÖ logo follows suit and places the initials in a square with the party's signature colour, orange. The weird way to merge to umlaut into the ring in the letter Ö is carried over from the old logo.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New logo: Azteca 7

Azteca 7 is one of the major commercial broadcast television networks in Mexico. It now has a new look and a new logo.

Most reports suggest that the new look launches tomorrow, Monday, February 28. But it seems like the network has a sneak premiere of its new look for tonight's broadcast of the Oscars.

The new logo is probably supposed to be a speech balloon. There are lots color variants, and the speech balloon shape can also be used on its own without the numeral in it.

New logo: Prise 2

Prise 2 (meaning "Take 2" in English) is a French-Canadian TV channel which shows older series and movies from Quebec and the United States. The channel was launched in February 2006. Last December, the channel replaced the logo it had used since it launch with the one we see above.

According to Prise 2, the change happened on December 13.

New design for Erasco, a German soup brand

Erasco is a German brand for canned stews and soups, which nowadays is a part of the Campbell Soup Company.

During 2010, the brand has been overhauled by Landor Associates in Hamburg with new packaging design and a revitalised logo.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New logo: Standard Life

Standard Life is a UK financial services company, focused on "long term savings and investment". This February 7, the company revealed a new visual identity and a new tagline, "The Way Forward".

According to Standard Life, this is the first change in visual identity since 1993. The new logo keeps a yellow triangle from the old logo and places it after the company name, optimistically pointing forward and upward.

The new look was created by London design agency JKR. It has been rolled out across the company since February 7.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Super Bowl XLVI logo

Those who remember last years unveiling of the Landor-created logo for Super Bowl XLV may remember that back then it was said that future Super Bowl logos would be based on the same template, a shiny rendering of the trophy with the stadium and the number. Those who didn't and were expecting to see a new design for Super Bowl XLVI were probably disappointed when the logo was revealed on Thursday, February 24, by the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee.

See the new logo in a video on the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee website
Press release (PDF) (archive)

More on Arte's new look

About a week ago I posted about the new look for the European cultural TV channel Arte. Now, they have revealed a great website were one can explore the new look:

On that site you'll find that Arte have created around 30 (!) idents for the new look. It its hard to pin down an exact theme in the new look, but one can certainly image Arte's stated values of "inspiration, creativity and vitality" being a part of it. There are several recurring elements that appear in several idents; a group of women running, a group of people in white shorts and shirts, red pieces of cloth, a group of cycling young people. All shot on the European countryside (Slovenia, I believe) with a full orchestra musical score.

As said earlier, this time Arte didn't go to an agency to deliver a new look, instead it is a collaboration of several creative professionals. The project was spearheaded by Arte's artistic director Ulli Krieg. Others involved were:
  • German 3D artist Joost Korngold (the 3D model of Arte's logo)
  • Belgian director Joe Vanhoutteghem from CZAR (directing the idents)
  • The Swiss Benjamin Cuénod from Scripted Reality (integrating the 3D logo the on-air design)
  • Germans Tom Ising and Béla Stetzer (off-air)
  • German designer Axel Schildt from OKAPI (online identity)
  • German photographer Detlev Overmann (still photography of the idents)
  • Catherine Lagarde from Novaprod and composer Laurent Parisi (audio design)
The new look launches February 28. More after the jump.

New logo: Cinram

Cinram is a company which manufacturs pre-recorded DVDs and CDs, for costumers such as major Hollywood movie studios. It is a business-to-business company, which means it rarely faces consumers. In late 2010, it launched a new corporate identity.

The new look is spearheaded by a completely new logo, a grey wordmark where the A has been replaced with a green ribbon. This ribbon appears in most brand applications.

The rebranding was done by Interbrand Canada.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New logo: 2GIS

DublGIS (spelled ДубльГИС with cyrillic letters, translates as "Double GIS") is a service which offers maps and business directories online and to mobile devices in Russia and Ukraine. In Russian, the abbreviation GIS can mean both Geographical Information System and City Information Service, which explains the name Double GIS.

Today, it presented a new look. As the company is planning international expansion, the Cyrillic letters give away for Latin and the company will now be known as 2GIS.

The old logo, created over ten years ago according to DublGIS, contained a complex icon with a magnifying glass. The new logo includes two interlocking circles in the new corporate colours; green, yellow and blue.

The new look launches in March 2011. The new look was reportedly created in-house.

More after the jump.

New logo: Université Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal University (Université Blaise-Pascal or Clermont-Ferrand II) is a university in Clermont-Ferrand in the middle of France. They started the year by launching a new visual identity.

The university was named after 17th century mathematician, scientist, and philosopher Blaise Pascal. A light blue version of his profile was at the center of the old logo, introduced some time during the last decade.

The new logo is centered on the university's abbreviation, UBP. The letters are simplified, and the B is formed from the whitespace between the other letters. The profile of Pascal is still present in the new logo, but has been turned into a silhouette and now acts as one of the counters in the B. The entire logo is shown at an angle, with the full name written above the initials, and the V in université turned on its side for some reason.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New logo: FortisBC

FortisBC is an electricity and natural gas company in British Columbia, Canada. Since 2007, FortisBC has also owned another gas company called Terasen Gas.

On February 23, it was announced that the companies which used the Terasen name would be brought in under the FortisBC brand. The FortisBC logo would also be redesigned.

The new logo will replace the old ones on March 1 and will then be rolled out across the companies.

The new FortisBC logo is clearly based on the old one, but the waves have moved from the O into a separate mark.

New logo: Svensk handel

Svensk handel, or The Swedish Trade Federation in English, is an organisation which organises most employers within retail and wholesale commerce in Sweden. Last Friday, a new logo was unveiled for the organisation.

The new logo will be rolled out online in March.

New logo: Odisea / Odisseia

Odisea is a documentary channel which has been broadcasting to Spain and Portugal since 1996. It is called Odisea in Spanish and Odisseia in Portuguese. On February 17, its owner, Chello Multicanal, announced that the channel would be getting a new look to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary.

According to Chello, the new look was created with the British company Red Bee Media.

New logo: Viaplay

Over-the-top (OTT), is a new broadcasting term for video content that isn't delivered with traditional television, for example on demand services and some web-based video. It is the latest craze in the broadcasting industry.

Today another service of this kind was announced. This time its the Scandinavain satellite broadcaster Viasat which has announced the launch of Viaplay. The logo for Viaplay is based on the Viasat logo, which includes a shiny ball with a V shape in it. For Viaplay, the logo has been coloured red and the globe has been turned on its side to resemble a play icon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New logo: Läkarmissionen

Läkarmissionen ("The Medical Mission") is a Swedish charitable organisation which works with international aid. Today it launched a new identity, created by Jack Russel, an ad agency in Stockholm.

The symbol is based on the initials L and M, which together form an open stretched-out hand.

New logo: JCPenney

American department store chain JCPenney has unveiled a new logo today. According to a press release, it was designed by University of Cincinnatti graphic design student Luke Langhus. He still associated the red square that JCPenney used to have in its logo with the chain and resurrected it and put the initials "jcp" inside the square. The typeface remains, but the full name is now in lowercase.

New logo: TNT7

TV7 is a Swedish television channel which hasn't had much fortune. After a disastrous launch in 2006, it has changed owners several times. It couldn't even secure the rights for its name, so it has called itself "7" for some time. Recently, its parent company, Nonstop Television, was bought by Turner Broadcasting. That started speculation that Turner would use TV7 to launch their TNT brand into the Nordic region.

This was confirmed today. The channel will change its name to TNT7 on March 22 and use the logo above. The old concept with Canadian and Latin American programmes for women will be abandoned for a more general entertainment profile with series like Men in Trees, Party Down and Weeds.

New logo: Pick TV

In February 1, Sky, who dominate satellite television in the United Kingdom, made a major reshuffle of their channels, which involved new looks and logos for most of them, renaming some, closing down others and launching a completely new one. A few days before the changes, it was announced that Sky's free channel, Sky3, would rebranded as Pick TV on February 28. Sky3 shows a sample of older programmes from other Sky channels and is available to most Brits for free.

Milanofil 2011

The Italian postal service hosts an annual stamp exhibit in Milan, called Milanofil. It seems to be a big event, because it has its own visual identity. The logo for this years exhibition takes the silhouette of the Milan Cathedral and turns it into a stamp.

New logo: SevenOne Media

ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG is a German media company, mostly concerned with television. Together with Mediengruppe RTL it dominated free commercial television in the country. The full name is bit of a mouthful, even by German standards, so many company divisions use the name "SevenOne" instead.

On of those divisions is the marketing subsidiary, SevenOne Media. Yesterday, it unveiled a refreshed logo. It will be used from March. The changes are very subtle, so subtle one may wonder why they bothered, but ProSiebenSat.1 are treating it as a major relaunch.

Monday, February 21, 2011

New logo: Marc Dorcel

Marc Dorcel is a French "adult entertainment" company. A while ago, it launched a new logo, created by Dragon Rouge. The taglinge says "Lust since 1979". The old logo was an image of a toucan.

New logo: Eurosport

Eurosport is a sports TV channel broadcasting to most European countries. Today it is owned by the French TF1 Group. In January, it presented an updated logo.

Since its launch in 1989, the channel has used a logo made up of the circle of twelve stars that represent the European Union, with the two stars in the middle replaced with the channel name in italics. The logo has been updated in 1994 and 2001, but the stars and the italic name has remained, and it continues to do so in this latest iteration.

The changes are subtle. Some more padding in the trapeziums surrounding the name, a less narrow typeface (Klavika Bold Italic). In the full colour version, the stars are now coloured grey or white instead of blue, which makes the name more visible. There are also single colour versions which I don't think existed before.

Poitiers and Grand Poitiers in France

Poitiers is a town of 90,000 inhabitants and the capital of the Vienne department and the Poitou-Charentes region in mid-Western France.

The smallest geographic subdivision in France in the commune. The structure of these communes is very rigid and it has historically been hard to merge communes. This has lead to he creation intercommunal organisations, where several communes cooperate. Since 1999, Poitiers had been a part of an "agglomeration community" called Communauté d'agglomération de Poitiers or CAP.

CAP and the town of Poitiers used to have completely different visual identities, but in 2010 a new identity programme was launched, where the town and agglomeration community had similar logos. With the new identit, CAP started marketing itself as Grand Poitiers, which means "Greater Poitiers".

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New look: Channel 5 (UK)

Channel 5 is the fifth nationwide television network in the United Kingdom, launched in 1997, and marketed as "Five" since 2002. It was owned by RTL Group for a long time until July 2010, when they sold the channel to newspaper mogul Richard Desmond's company Northern & Shell. One of the first changes he announced was that the name would be changed back from Five to "Channel 5".

Some time before the rebrand, the logo on the left started showing up from various sources, including reputable ones and Channel 5 themselves.

When Channel 5 finally relaunched with a new graphics package and a new name on February 14, the word channel had been removed.

The idents were produced by Earth, a production studio in London, and filmed at Studio Barrandov in the Czech Republic. The idea behind the idents is called "Stage 5", and the idents are set at a soundstage with a large screen

New logo: Bern

On February 8, a new mark for Bern, the capital of Switzerland, was introduced to replace several logos related to promotion of the region. The new mark consists of the word Bern in capital letters with a Swiss flag at the end.

The Bern mark will be used by both the tourism bureau, Bern Tourismus, and the Berne Region Economic Development Agency. The two agencies had previously used different logos. For the economic development agency, the word "Wirtschaftsraum" is added underneath the mark.

Bern Tourismus recently took over the responsibilities of Schweizer Mittelland Tourismus (SMIT), who promoted tourism for four areas in the vicinity of Bern: Emmental, Gantrisch, Oberaargau and Laupen. Those four areas and the city have logo variations with the name of the region written underneath the Bern mark.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New logo: Long John Silver's

On Thursday, February 10, 2011, the seafood restaurant chain Long John Silver's unveiled a new logo to be rolled out for lent. This comes with a new slogan: "We Speak Fish".

Previous logo.
The previous identity dates back to around 2001-2002, some time before or after the chain was bought by Yum! Brands, owners of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Many sources report that Yum! are trying to sell off Long John Silver's, which may be linked to this latest refresh.

New logo: Destination Salem

Salem, Massachusetts is a town of over 40,000 people, best known as the site of the Salem witch trials back in 1692.

The Salem Office of Tourism & Cultural Affairs, or Destination Salem, unveiled a new logo on the morning of Thursday, February 18 at something called Peabody Essex Museum. The symbol in the new logo is intended to look both like a witch hat and sailing boat, a references to the witch trials and Salem position by the sea. Also presented was a new slogan: "Salem - still making history"

Friday, February 18, 2011

New logo: Ausgrid

EnergyAustralia is an Australian electricity company owned by the state government of New South Wales. Recently, it sold off its retail business and its name. The electricity grid remained in state government control.

Yesterday, it was announced that EnergyAustralia would change its name to Ausgrid, with a new logo.

The EnergyAustralia name has been used since 1996.

The official renaming is scheduled for this March.

New logo: Roberts Dairy Foods

Roberts is a local dairy company based in Omaha, Nebraska. The company has just changed its named from Roberts Dairy to Robert Dairy Foods and introduced a new logo. the rationale behind the name alteration was an expanded product line.

I haven't been able to pin down the age of the old logo, but I doubt it is more than a few years old. It had a detailed painting of a barn in it, something which isn't that unusual among smaller food companies. This was all enclosed by an arch and some type, with a banner underneath proclaiming that the company is "Farmer Owned".

The new logo is an adaption from the logo already in use by its sister company, Hiland Dairy Foods in Springfield, Missouri. Other than the names and colors, the logos are essentially identical.

The new palindrome logo for Laval, France

Laval is a town in Mayenne in northeastern France with about 50,000 inhabitants. Back in December they announced and revealed a new logo, but they didn't start using it right away. Now, the logo is up their website, and this week they also published a spread about the new look in the town Magazine "Laval La Ville" (archive) (every medium-sized town in France publishes an official magazine, it seems).

The new look was created by the French brand management agency Royalties, who won the assignment in a tender.

More images and information after the jump.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New logo: Comedy Central Family

Comedy Central are going ahead with their rebrand and are now rolling out the new logo internationally. Today it has been reported that the new look will be launched in Poland on Monday, February 21. Poland will be the second country to get the new logo after the US.

In Poland, Comedy Central has a sister channel called Comedy Central Family. This brand was originally launched in the Netherlands in 2008, and came to Poland in 2010. The Polish Comedy Central Family will also get a new logo on February 21. The new logo was created by Polish brand agency Mamastudio.

Arte gets a new look, but keeps its logo

Follow-up article: February 25.

Arte is a public service television channel which is broadcasting to France and Germany. Funded by TV taxes, it offers mostly cultural programming in both French and German.

In late January, reports started surfacing on French blogs that Arte was about to launch a new look (habillage, as its called in French) on February 28. this was later confirmed by Arte, with a press release sent out on February 16.

For those concerned about the logo, it looks like it will be staying. However, for the last few years, the logo has usually been presented with a four degree slant. With the new look, it looks like the logo will always be straight, while the graphics around it are irregular instead. On screen, the logo will be turned into an animated 3D sculpture.

New logo: Prima Love

Swedish media concern Modern Times Group today announced the launch its third television channel in the Czech Republic. It is called Prima LOVE and will target women between 15-44 with American series like Glee, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City as well as Latin American telenovelas and lifetime infotainment of Marta Stewart fare. It will complement TV Prima, one of the major Czech TV channels, and Prima Cool, which targets young males.

The logo above came with the announcement. The Prima part comes from logo of the "mother channel", TV Prima.

The launch is scheduled for March 8.

New logo: Cambridge, Ontario

As we reported earlier, the city of Cambridge, Ontario, is introducing a new logo. The city council approved the logo above last Monday. The new tagline is "It’s all right here".

Apparently, there was some quarrel over whether the historic communities that make up present Cambridge (Hespeler, Preston and Galt) should be included or not. In the end, they weren't included.

The new logo was commissioned from eSolutions Group in Waterloo, Ontario.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New logo: MG

New logo.

On February 15, 2011, Chinese-owned British automaker MG unveiled a new logo, which was the result of a £1 million rebrand.

New logo: Travel Channel

Apparently, the US Travel Channel has got a new logo. The new logo is up on the Travel Channel's Facebook profile. The new logo has however not appeared on, but that is a somewhat separate operation.

The new logo does away with the T symbol that has been used with some modifications since the channel was owned by Disocvery Communicaions. Travel Channel is now a part of Scripps Networks, owners of HGTV and Food Network.

Its uncertain when the new logo was launched, but the picture on the right was posted on Travel Channel's Facebook profile on February 8. The oldest tweet to report that the logo had changed is dated January 26.

So far, I haven't been able to get any news reports or other PR material on the change. If you have more information, feel free to drop me a line here or on Twitter.

New logo: Walibi

Walibi, an amusement park operator with activities in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, unveiled a new visual identity on January 20, 2011. It was created by Figtree Network.

Via Brand New, who has a post with more on this. More info in a post from the blog NewsParcs (archive).

Horizontal version.

New logo: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, who fund blood cancer rsearch, has unveiled a new logo today. The drop of blood has been simplified, and the name is in all caps.

The old logo is still the society's website, and there is no word on when it will be replaced.

The previous logo.

New logo: Ocean Outdoor

Ocean Outdoor, a UK company specialising in premium outdoor advertising, which means advanced billboard installations in places with high traffic. The launched a "brand refresh" last week, involving the new tagline "The Art of Outdoor". It was created by Martin Lambie-Nairn's agency Heavenly.

The old logo.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New logo: Swedish Collection Control

The old logo.
Svensk insamlingskontroll, which translates roughly as "Swedish Collection Control", is a Swedish foundation, responsible for handing out and monitoring transaction accounts for charitable organisations.

The organisation was known as Stiftelsen för Insamlingskontroll ("The Foundation for Collection Control") until about 2009, when it started using the current name. The old abbreviation, SFI, remained in the logo then for some reason.

On February 14, 2011, the organisation presented a new logo. All accounts issued by the organisation have a number starting with 90. The new logo focuses on that by prominently featuring the term 90-konto ("90 account"). It seems like the old abbreaviation will be phased out.

The new visual identity was created by the PR bureau Springtime in cooperation with the design agency Jacobson Vellinga Design

Press release (archive)
Dagens Media