Sunday, February 27, 2011

New design for Erasco, a German soup brand

Erasco is a German brand for canned stews and soups, which nowadays is a part of the Campbell Soup Company.

During 2010, the brand has been overhauled by Landor Associates in Hamburg with new packaging design and a revitalised logo.

Previous logo, the green parts were occasionally omitted.

The new Erasco logo with the "ribbon" that usually accompanies it.

New packaging.

From a press release Landor issued on February 2, 2011 (translated from German):
In new package design the brand Erasco presents itself after a realignment by the Hamburg branding agency Landor Associates. Since autumn 2010, the stews and soups are available with new design and new recipes in retailers. By and by, Erasco's entire products range gets redesigned and on the shelves.

Landor Associateshas provided support in the application of the new brand strategy and developed the packaging. Thus the Hamburgers ensure that all internal and external marketing and communication activities - in line with the current TV campaign - pay into Erasco's brand objectives. The company Campbell's Deutschland will hencefort reinforce natural ingredients and removes flavour enhancers in the new recipes.

"With new brand identity, Erasco shows itself as trendsetter in this area", explains Alexandra Kontetzki, client director at Landor. The Erasco products will stand out to buyers and through careful and loving design convince them of their quality. For example, the products image stands clearly in focus in the new packaging, to move the delicious taste experience to the forefront.

"The new branding and design shows that Erasco sets new standards and underlines our market leadership", says Anke Finnern, marketing manager at Campbell's. "This way we go with the team from Landoe, who through their strategic thinking and their creativity convinced us." Landor won the Erasco costumer after a pitch.

Landor press release (archive)
Landor press release (pdf) (archive)

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