Sunday, February 20, 2011

New logo: Bern

On February 8, a new mark for Bern, the capital of Switzerland, was introduced to replace several logos related to promotion of the region. The new mark consists of the word Bern in capital letters with a Swiss flag at the end.

The Bern mark will be used by both the tourism bureau, Bern Tourismus, and the Berne Region Economic Development Agency. The two agencies had previously used different logos. For the economic development agency, the word "Wirtschaftsraum" is added underneath the mark.

Bern Tourismus recently took over the responsibilities of Schweizer Mittelland Tourismus (SMIT), who promoted tourism for four areas in the vicinity of Bern: Emmental, Gantrisch, Oberaargau and Laupen. Those four areas and the city have logo variations with the name of the region written underneath the Bern mark.

The previous tourism logo.
The old tourism logo contained a piece of the Aar river which runs through Bern.

The previous economic development logo.
The economic logo had the scratches from a bear paw replacing the E in Bern.

Official sources:
Press release (archive)
Presentation from the launch (archive)
Other sources:
20 minuten
Berner Zeitung
Design Tagebuch
Grenchner Tagblatt

These pictures of the subbrands with relevant images were part of the presentation:

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Bern Emmental

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Bern Gantrisch

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Bern Oberaargau

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Bern Laupen

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Bern Wirtschaftsraum

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