Friday, February 25, 2011

New logo: Cinram

Cinram is a company which manufacturs pre-recorded DVDs and CDs, for costumers such as major Hollywood movie studios. It is a business-to-business company, which means it rarely faces consumers. In late 2010, it launched a new corporate identity.

The new look is spearheaded by a completely new logo, a grey wordmark where the A has been replaced with a green ribbon. This ribbon appears in most brand applications.

The rebranding was done by Interbrand Canada.

There is lots of information and images of the brand application on Rebrand (archive)

Old logo.

The previous logo contained a bunch of circles, which is suppose respresented discs. It was only a couple of years old, introduced around 2007/2008, replacing a similar logo.

Even older logo.

Cinram news article (archive)
Presentation video

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