Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New logo: Läkarmissionen

Läkarmissionen ("The Medical Mission") is a Swedish charitable organisation which works with international aid. Today it launched a new identity, created by Jack Russel, an ad agency in Stockholm.

The symbol is based on the initials L and M, which together form an open stretched-out hand.

The old logo can be seen above. A slightly older version included a world map, but it seems like it was dropped at some point.

A translated excerpt from a news article posted by Läkarmissionen:
Some notice it right away – its an L and an M who together form a hand. Others think it looks like a dove or a burning bush. Most people agree. Läkarmissionen's new symbol is appealing and modern.

We live in a society filled with messages and symbols who fight for our attention all the time. Therefore it has become increasingly important for organisations and businesses that the public knows their name and their symbols. And that one also knows – more or less – what they stand for. That is why Läkarmissionen have decided to keep its name, which is established and well known for many, but to modernise the typeface and add a new visual profile. The symbol is at the same time and abbreviation of Läkarmissionen. LM.

Mattias Flyborg, AD at the ad agency Jack Russel is behind the idea for the new graphic symbol.

- The assignment was to start on the abbreviation LM to create something which could symbolise Läkarmissionen's activites. A stretched-out hand characterises what to me is the strength of Läkarmissionen – that the aid really reaches its destination.

Why purple and orange?

- Purple stands for spirituality and orange symbolises among other things hope and joy, Mattias explains, and adds:

- At the same time, they are good contrast colours and differenties Läkarmissionen from most other organisations.
Horizontal version.

Logo pattern for various uses.

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