Friday, February 18, 2011

New logo: Roberts Dairy Foods

Roberts is a local dairy company based in Omaha, Nebraska. The company has just changed its named from Roberts Dairy to Robert Dairy Foods and introduced a new logo. the rationale behind the name alteration was an expanded product line.

I haven't been able to pin down the age of the old logo, but I doubt it is more than a few years old. It had a detailed painting of a barn in it, something which isn't that unusual among smaller food companies. This was all enclosed by an arch and some type, with a banner underneath proclaiming that the company is "Farmer Owned".

The new logo is an adaption from the logo already in use by its sister company, Hiland Dairy Foods in Springfield, Missouri. Other than the names and colors, the logos are essentially identical.

Old logo.

The following text explains the changes, and was published at Roberts' web site (archive):
Roberts has always been your fresh and local dairy, but now our new logo shows the splash of fresh flavor you’ll find in every one of our products. Over the next several months, our logo and packaging will adopt the new logo. You might also notice that our company’s official name has changed from Roberts Dairy to Roberts Dairy Foods to represent our ever-expanding product line.

In addition, Roberts is now a Quality Chekd Dairy, and our new logo incorporates the Blue Q Red Chek, the symbol of quality from Quality Chekd. As part of the Quality Chekd program, our products must pass rigorous monthly testing procedures by Silliker Labs to ensure that they meet the Quality Chekd top standards for freshness and flavor.

Because Roberts believes in protecting the environment and minimizing waste, our full product line will adopt the new logo gradually in order to use up the existing inventory of product containers. You’ll notice new packaging as our inventory of old packaging depletes.

We at Roberts are proud of a long tradition that spans more than 100 years of bringing our milk fresh from local, family-owned and -operated farms to your table. Our products will maintain the same high quality you’ve come to expect from Roberts, with absolutely no added growth hormones.

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New label.

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Old label. Perishable News

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