Saturday, February 26, 2011

New logo: Standard Life

Standard Life is a UK financial services company, focused on "long term savings and investment". This February 7, the company revealed a new visual identity and a new tagline, "The Way Forward".

According to Standard Life, this is the first change in visual identity since 1993. The new logo keeps a yellow triangle from the old logo and places it after the company name, optimistically pointing forward and upward.

The new look was created by London design agency JKR. It has been rolled out across the company since February 7.

Former logo.

A commonly used negative version.

The yellow triangle can also be incorporated
into a pattern for use as a visual device.

From a press release issued by Standard Life:
Standard Life reveals 'The Way Forward'
  • Standard Life announces the repositioning of its brand and a refreshed visual identity
  • This latest step in Standard Life's transformation is one of the ways it is bringing to life the products and services that have been developed for a changing marketplace
  • The brand repositioning is built on extensive customer research and insight and reflects the investment being made in the business now and in the future

Standard Life has today signalled another major step in its ongoing transformation by announcing a repositioning of its brand and a refreshed visual identity.

This repositioning has been shaped by extensive customer research and insight. It reflects the changing financial landscape and the investment Standard Life is making in customers, intermediaries and technology, which is underpinning the launch of several new propositions in 2011. These include the recently launched online personal pension as well as the enhanced adviserzone and employee wealth benefits platform, both of which will launch to intermediaries in the first quarter of this year.

A key part of the brand repositioning for Standard Life will be delivering even clearer communications to its customers to help them plan for their financial future. This will be done through a phased review of all customer and intermediary literature and an extensive overhaul of websites, which is already well underway.

David Nish, Chief Executive, said:

"Today's brand repositioning is a very exciting step in our transformation as a business. We have made a substantial investment in understanding what people need and in building products and services that are relevant to an evolving financial landscape. This will significantly improve the way in which we engage with customers and intermediaries.

"Our business has changed substantially in the last 12 months and will continue to transform. We have refreshed our visual identity to provide a clear outward signal of our brand repositioning and the forward thinking approach we are taking to people's long term savings needs. We want everyone who deals with Standard Life to look forward to the future with confidence and optimism."

Press release (archive)
Press release (pdf) (archive)
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