Thursday, March 17, 2011

New logo: Google Chrome icon (?)

Over week ago, it was reported that the open source web browser Chromium was about to get a new icon, a flattened version of the previous glossy 3D model colored in shades of blue. Chromium is the attic cousin of Google's web browser Google Chrome, which uses a similar icon, but instead of a blue it is coloured with Google's signature colors. It was quickly assumed that Google Chrome would be getting a similar icon makeover.

If Google didn't release the new Google Chrome icon themselves, mock-ups and fake versions of varying quality would inevitably start spreading on the web. I haven't seen any official use of the new icon myself, but an increasing amount of sources are now reporting limited use of the logo above by Google Chrome. Hopefully, this will be confirmed by an official Google source soon.

Update: Cnet are reporting that the new icon was introduced on March 15 and that the logo was first used with a developer release called Chrome 11.0.696.12.

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  1. I like the new icon better. It looks crisper and less dark. I think it will become iconic.