Friday, April 1, 2011

New logo: ABC2

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia's public broadcaster. After expanding its portfolio during the last few years, it now has four television channels: the main channel ABC1, the supplementary channel ABC2, the children's channel ABC3 and the news channel ABC News 24.

After relaunching ABC1 on February 6 (archive), the corporation have now followed up with ABC2, for which a new look was unveiled and launched today (archive) (April 1). The new logo is limegreen, and the graphics also use similarly bright color pink. The new tagline also happens to be "Always Brighter". You can see more video on ABC's website.

New logos above, previous logos below:

The previous identities for ABC1 and 2 were both introduced on February 8, 2008, when ABC TV was renamed ABC1.

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A shot from an ident called "fish".

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Final shot from the fish ident.

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A shot from another ident, called "balloon".

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