Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New logo: Local Search Association

The Yellow Pages Association is trade association for directory services such as Yellow Pages publishers in the United States. Yesterday, April 18, it changed its name to the Local Search Association, recognising the industry's evolution from publishing catalogs to providing local search in general.

With the namechange, the association gets a new logo. The previous logo included the "walking fingers" symbol on a stack of yellow paper with a cursor. The new one keeps the walking fingers, but uses the updated and sleeker version, replacing the A in the word local.

Previous logo.

From a press release:
The Association's new logo incorporates a clean and modern design with a nod to the strong connection advertisers and consumers have with the Yellow Pages' iconic walking fingers. The fingers have been given a more movement-oriented touch and dropped into the Local Search Association name, signifying Yellow Pages' integral role as part of local search.

"Many of our member companies include the walking fingers on a diverse set of brands, so we did not feel we could walk away from our heritage because in many ways it's our future," said Norton. "Whether you are a Yellow Pages publisher or a pure digital player, the fingers have always represented the idea that if we make it simple for consumers to find and select a local business, our advertisers will win and we will be successful."

Under the new brand identity, the Local Search Association will transform its member services, which include everything from media usage reporting, business networking opportunities, and educational programming. The Local Search Association's inaugural event will be its annual conference – themed "Search Starts Here" for 2011 – in Las Vegas. Keynotes speakers include executives from Facebook, iCrossing and Yellow Pages Group, among others.

Press release (archive)
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