Friday, April 15, 2011

New logo: PZPN - Polish Football Association

The Polish Football Association is organisation which governs soccer in Poland. It is also known by its abbreviation PZPN (for the Polish name Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej). Yesterday, April 14, it revealed a new visual identity at Teatr Capitol in Warsaw.

The colour scheme from the previous logo, the Polish national colours red and white with gold, is carried over the the new one. At the center of the new logo is an invisible sphere, representing the ball, with a shimmering gold ribbon wrapped around it. The crowned eagle from the old logo can bee seen at the top of the sphere in the form of a silhouette made up of the ribbon.

The new identity was created by Warsaw design agency SaltPepper Brand Design, with specific credit to their senior designer Andrzej Antoniuk.

The reband process started last autumn. In January it was reported that PZPN was going to get a new logo, when it was also reported that SaltPepper Brand Design was designing it.

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Previous logo.

There are two main variants of the new logo, one is red on white background and another white on red background. The golden elements are unchnaged in both variants.

There are also colour variants without gradients and single colour variant for occasional use.

Flat version.
Black version.

There is also a new logo for Puchar Polski, or Polish Cup, a football tournament held by PZPN.

A variant of the PZPN logo to be used as team logo:

Finally, there is a wordmark for the organisation's tagline Łączy nas piłka (which means something like "Football Unites Us").

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