Friday, May 27, 2011

New logo: A1 (Telekom Austria)

A1 Telekom Austria is an Austrian telephone company. It was created in 2010 from the merger of mobilkom austria, whose primary brand was A1, and Telekom Austria. Until now, both the A1 and Telekom Austria brands have stayed in use towards consumers, and the company logo has been a combination of the two.

The logo for A1 Telekom Austria, which contained the logos for the two consumer brands.

Today, May 27, the company revealed a new look A1 brand which will replace both Telekom Austria and the previous A1 brand. The new look should be in stores by mid-June, the official launch is set for June 14. It was created with Saffron Brand Consultants, who also worked on last month's C&A rebranding.

The new A1 logo is a three-dimensional and flexible one. In fact, A1 claims this to be the first flexible telco logo in Europe. While the 1 stands solid, upright and unchanged, the A is seen at an angle and can take on different kinds of texture. This texture reflects different topics, for example, an A overgrown with grass can be used when talking about the environment.

Below you can see a few variants and what they symbolize.

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Main version.

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  1. this is so bad. i don't even know where to start. makes me angry.

  2. Ich denke, das Logo von Österreich Telecoms sieht nett aus

  3. I work for Mobilkom (A1 owner) in Bulgaria. They threaten me through converging technology application, to participate in a cartel or cut off my fingers.
    Austrians soon you will not be famous for Mozart, but Fritzl; not for Shumpeter, but cartels in banking and telecoms in CEE.
    Do not pay "piczo" to this guys, who proved to be criminals recently, haven't they. Europol would like to meet the previous owner of Mtel Bulgaria, and he has the connections with the current ones, they are verry similar.