Thursday, May 19, 2011

New logo: Discovery Home & Health

Discovery Home & Health is an international lifestyle channel brand targeting women. It is owned by Discovery Communications and available in three areas: Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the United Kingdom. Recently, the Latin American version of the channel was rebranded with a new on-air look and a new logo to give the channel a more fresh and contemporary look. The new look was launched on May 3, but promos advertising the rebrand had been running on the channel before that.

Discovery Home & Health logo.
Used in Latin America 2005-2011.
Used in the United Kingdom 2005-2008.
Still used in the Asia-Pacific market.

The new look is credited to Robert Gibson, creative director for lifestyle and entertainment channels at Discovery Networks Latin America in Miami.

An image posted by Discovery Home & Health showing the new on-air look.

Discovery Home & Health in Latin America uses a schedule made up of theme nights; health on Mondays, relationships on Tuesdays, beauty on Wednesdays, home on Thursdays and family on Fridays. The new graphics embrace this by using different images related to these themes, as seen above.

Screencap from this promo.

Screencap from this promo.

An icon based on the new logo.

It seems likely that this look will only be used in Latin America. The UK version has used its own purple-pink logo since 2008, and the Asia-Pacific version seems to stay with the orange logo it has used since the brand was launched in 2005.

Discovery Home & Health logo, only used in the United Kingdom.

Back in 2004/2005, Discovery Communications made a major push to promote and launch international lifestyle channels. This meant the launch of three new channel brands who all had similar logos developed by Heller Communications. The three brands were:
  • Discovery Travel & Living (formerly Discovery Travel & Adventure)
  • Discovery Real Time (formerly Discovery Home & Leisure)
  • Discovery Home & Health (formerly Discovery Health)
All three channels were rolled out in the United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, while other markets only got a partial rollout. Since then, Discovery has changed strategy and today the Real Time channels in Latin America and Asia-Pacific have been replaced while the international rollout of the TLC brand has seen the closure of most Travel & Living channels.

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