Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New logo: Interfor

International Forest Products, which trades as Interfor, is a producer of wood and other forestry products in the Pacific Nortwest, based in Vancouver, Canada. Yesterday, May 30, it unveiled a new corporate identity. It was created by FLIR Creative from Bellingham, Washington State.

The new logo contains a "graphically powerful image", which is a stylized tree in two colors, symbolizing trees, unity and strength. The name written in a "strong typographical font", which we recognize as the Gotham typeface, a.k.a. the Obama font. It will replace both the previous corporate logo and product brand in the United States and Canada, such as Interfor Pacific, Adams Lake, Acron and Cedarprime.

Previous logo.
Some quotes from the press release about the new logo:
“The logo is simple and bold and reflects the Company’s primary connection to its resource base as well as the attributes of size, strength and market presence,” said Duncan Davies, Interfor’s President & CEO.


“In addition to reflecting our Company’s strength and stability, the new brand gives Interfor a singular face and unites us as a company,” said Steven Hofer, Interfor’s Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “We now possess a cohesive strategy and brand architecture designed to leverage our unique range of products.”
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