Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New logo: Noatum

Noatum is company which operates maritime terminals and provides port operations and services in Spain. Until recently it was known as Dragados Servicios Portuarios y Logísticos and was a part of the Spanish ACS group. Late last year it was sold to institutional investors, which created a need for a new corporate identity. The namechange was announced in early February, and last Friday, May 27, Noatum unveiled its new corporate identity. It was created by The Brand Union.

The company claims the name Noatum comes from Norse mythology and means "towns of ships". The name should be evocative and inspiring.

The symbol is created from three pieces that seem to spin around one centric point which "conceptually expresses the logistical process on which the company's activites pivot". It also also evokes flexibility and a maritime heritage.

The symbol.

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Press release February 8
Press release May 27
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