Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New logo: Peabody Energy

For me, the word peabody is mostly associated with an American award for excellence in broadcasting. But it is common name, which also signifies a large coal company in Chicago. Founded 1883, it was known as the Peabody Coal Company for much of its history. Ten years ago (April 20, 2001), it changed its to the Peabody Energy Corporation. Yesterday, May 3, it presented a new corporate logo at its annual shareholders meeting.

The company claims the previous logo had been used for "more than a quarter century", and its sharp edges and black colour was inspired by coal mining. The new logo is developed from the old one, but uses softer edges, a new "Peabody Blue" color, and adds the word "Energy".

The new mark was ceated by Obata Design in St. Louis, which seems to be the company's resident design agency.

Previous logo.

The following press release was issued by Peabody Energy on May 3:
In conjunction with Peabody Energy's annual shareholders meeting today, the company unveiled a new corporate logo that will serve as the contemporary mark for the world's largest private-sector coal company and the only global pure play coal investment.

Peabody's prior logo had served the company well for more than a quarter century. The logo's bold black look mimicked the cuts of the coal face involved in the mining process. As an evolution of the original logo, the new Peabody Energy mark embraces some of the same strong features of the prior logo while adding elements that represent where the company is heading in the 21st Century. The typeface represents the foundational features of leadership and strength, while the curved lines signify a sleek nimbleness and modern feel, providing a more cosmopolitan look and broad appeal for the global markets that the company now participates within.

As the most significant change to the logo, the new "Peabody Blue" color (PMS 301) has been chosen because it conveys optimism, confidence, stability, unity and strength, while being universally appealing and friendly. With a focus on a flexible, energetic style, the new logo is completed by the addition of the word "Energy," which is a manifestation both of what Peabody does and the manner in which the company's products, services and value are delivered.

St. Louis-based Obata Design developed the mark under the company's direction.

Press release 1 (archive)
Press release 2

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